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Daily Activities

We promote social interactions and activities to keep the body and mind healthy!

Variety of Daily Activities

Our staff plans daily activities to ensure that all residents are entertained.

These activities can include spontaneous bingo games, crafts or maybe just dancing around to good music.

We welcome suggestions!

Pile of Tennis Balls

Monthly Outings

To change things a bit every month our staff plan outings depending on weather conditions.

The residents can enjoy a day of fishing, go to spend the day at the campground and sit around a campfire!  We also go for ice cream and a picnic.

We want to keep things interesting therefore all activities and outings are organized on a month-to-month basis.

Senior Dance

Indoor Activities - Arts & Crafts and Board Games

For those who enjoy exploring their creative side, we have all you need to create some personal art work with quality materials.

We also have a wide selection of board games to choose from.

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